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Ya know guys, I use those little ratchet box wrenches from Sears.  They
are just the best in that tight area and many others.  It wouldn't work
with the wire still on the plug though.  If you don't have a little
metric set of the ratcheting box wrenches you are missing out!  


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> Good tip on slotted terminals, removes the "oh shit" problem when the
> drops into the void. I will do this from now on too.
> So you have taught me something. I would probably solder the lugs.

I was thinking of using full circle eyes.  Then when changing the
plug, loosen the small nut enough for the eye to spin, but don't take it
Then loosen and remove the glow plug.  The wire would be a handy handle
putting them back in.  I agree on the soldering.
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