[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 135 --- ( your first diesel ? ) Turbo??

Bart Wineland bwinelan at allegheny.edu
Wed Dec 15 13:29:14 EST 2004

Ok while you are in this mode. Shortly after I got my '89 1.6 na and was 
raving on what a cool car it was (and is again, so thanks to all for the 
help) my buddy got word of a '84 1.6 turbo Jetta for sale. His son that was 
attending the County Vo-Tech school for diesel said it was his instructors 
car that had a recently rebuilt engine (by the instructor) and he wanted to 
now sell it to get something bigger. He bought it and within 2 days of 
owning it his son rolled it. It was trashed enough that it was not worth 
fixing. In the 2 days they had it they said it ran good :)  Sometime later 
he found a '85 jetta that was a diesel but was minus the engine and 
transmission, perfect, he bought it and I told him I would help with the 
transplant if I could.  That was a little over a year and a half ago and 
both cars have been sitting outside waiting on him.  His auto insurance 
situation changed to where he could not afford to put another car on the 
road so now wants me to buy the pile. I am going to go look it over again 
but am a little concerned with a few things. #1 I know turbo engines cost 
lots more to fix. #2 It was rolled. Can't remember if it landed on its 
wheels or sat upside down for awhile but I think that is the case.  It was 
shut off or stalled right away but??  I will be able to put a wrench on the 
flywheel to make sure it rolls over but will have to settle for that. #3 
After just putting a 1.6 na from a A1 to my A2 Jetta I know I had to change 
the manifolds so I will need motor mounts and at least an exhaust manifold 
from a A2 right?  Being turbo that may be hard to find.
I can get the pile pretty cheap (probably $600) but wonder what else I 
better think of before I look at it. Plus want to make sure I am up for the 
turbo.  Since Hagar really wants turbo I need more info before I jump (this 
is backwards to what I usually do) Right now we have 12" of snow on 
everything so it is going to make looking tougher.



Hagar wrote,

At 09:17 AM 12/15/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>Just looked in the cookie jar and there is more cash there than I paid for 
>all four
>Rabbits  ----so I am hunting for the next one.   This time I will not say 
>NO turbo.
>This time it must be turbo.

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