[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 135 --- ( your first diesel ? ) Turbo??

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Dec 16 13:09:34 EST 2004

I can get the pile pretty cheap (probably $600) but wonder what else I 
better think of before I look at it. Plus want to make sure I am up for the 
turbo.  Since Hagar really wants turbo I need more info before I jump (this 
is backwards to what I usually do) Right now we have 12" of snow on 
everything so it is going to make looking tougher.



Bart  :  600  dollars for the two ?    That may be a good buy.   Remember that
the NEW turbo 1.6L VW diesel is a way better engine than the old  1.6 NA.
Even if you do not use a turbo on it is is way better.

Look at the problems Ferguson had finding a block with squirters.    he even talked about
retrofitting ? that is expensive --- .

I have a spare block 1.6L    that I was going to look at for squirters ---but never did.

Bart   you will be a WINNER  I am sure.---------now we have to work on SHALYN.

What is my definition of a loser ?   ---one who can not stick a stick in a
Dogshit  --without ruinning both.
A winner ?   when he steps on a dogshit ---sure as hell he finds a big gold nugget.

Do we really have gold nuggets  around this place ?   yes and I sort of stepped on one.
A nugget with quartz in it.  ---it is in Denmark now.

Saying that I am a winner ?   no no ---but maybe ?.   Still lots of gold around here.

If I lived in Flagstaff and had 6 kids  below 15. ?   and I had a diesel Westy running
on grease.   I would get 7 hubcaps and head for BC on a vacation and let the 
kids pan for gold. ---They will have a ball I guarantee.    And I would sit in the shade
with a big cool glass of Cider.    Go to BC Hydro free campsite at Lillooett and ask there.
You cant miss the gold --but no staking and no machinery.   I never took on pan without 
"Pinger Gold"   and  I took a lot of pans.
I think it was Churn Creek. ----------    it was fun taking my relatives from Denmark there.
They took all the gold --yeah mine too.

Greedy bastards.


PS :   and yes I own this place partly because I got gold at 35 dollars an OZ  in 1967.

and I was rediculed at the time ---it pay no interest --RIGHT   but it went to a 1000 an OZ.
in a very short time. --the redicule died down.

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