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Chuck Carnohan Chuck.Carnohan at itd.idaho.gov
Fri Dec 17 14:06:57 EST 2004

Your hunch is right.  You need a starter from a diesel.  Go to or call
wrecking yards.  Pull your own if you can.  Some folks like the old
Rabbit type starter better than the newer ones.  Either one will fit.

Chuck Carnohan

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My starter is quiting on my 90 diesel jetta (non turbo). It turns over
smokes a bit, and drains the battery. I went to the hole in the wall vw
for one, and they want to give me a gasser starter. I told them I
thought the
diesel starter was more robust, and wasn't sure if the gas starter would
it. They only wanted $30 for it, so price is right. Anyone think this
will be
an accepteable replacement? I'm pretty sceptacle.

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