[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 138 --- ( my Sandy Cameron connection)

Mike & Coreen Smith ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Fri Dec 17 18:00:14 EST 2004

Those ham radio guys are just weird..........and nerdy geeks !

hi hi

73 de VE9AA

Mike, Coreen & Corey Smith
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How do Sandy and Hager connect ?    we stumped around the Ottawa area
at the same time. 1957 to 1963.

Do i remember Sandy as a person ?   not really but I am sure we met.    He
is a bit
up the social ladder from me.

So what does Hager know about Sandy ?   a lot.      And if you like DIY
yes he is right up there.  Nifty tools and Electrical.

The connection ?    ---hows about the "Supergun"  and Hamming and TV ?.and
flying. Yes Sandy
let the guard at the CDC Gun range borrow his dog,. And here we are many
years later
meeting in this forum ?     Hows about that Charlie Brown ?.(no I was not
the guard)

Not flying  Not hamming  but VW Diesels ?   Great say I. Listen to Sandy
Cameron ---
he said  ---drive something that can be fixed.   ---ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD.

I swear that I can drive Bunny Bondo home ----even if battery was
tolen  ----no
electrics are needed to run a Rabbit 1984 1.6L Turbo.    --- great feeling
to do that.

Can you get a TDI  home like that ?   -----.you can get home if you got a

NO you can not use the radio or BOOM BOX.

I am a limping HOME  expert.   believe it.  (a wizard) .So if you are a good
writer ?   get me soon.

The  VW  ECO  ?    great  ----according to my info   it is a 1,6 L Turbo
with the
LDA removed and a cat added,.   That means it has the squirtes   and all the

Great choice ----I would remove the cat  ---but that is my choice.   Bunny
is (WAS) a 1984 Rabbit 1.6L Turbo ... I now run her as an ECO ---great

You will get out of this world performance if you TUNE it right.    A TDI  ?
you will be at the mercy of the chip gang.    And you will not limp home
Laptop or no Laptop.
without electricity.


PS :    Hagar limping on.
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