[Vwdiesel] limping home and roadside repair

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Dec 20 10:54:14 EST 2004

I love the Cris Collins story --- it fits right in with DIY  and "Can Do"  spirit.   And I hope
and pray you will ALL let us in on your best "Limping home Saga".    I shall
tell mine  , as best my english allows.   I have no speller and  I am LIMPING
on   ----on a spare Computer.

My  "Do something"  education started in 1940 Copenhagen Denmark ---- and it is
a fantastic experience to look back at.   No gasoline ? ---- ok lets use Calcium Carbide
Carbon Monoxide --- Wood gas.  ---- and lots of other fuels.(the wheels kept turning).

 The most humorous scene in the whole 
incident was driving away from the curious onlookers ten 
minutes after informing them that my axle had fallen off!
Chris Collin 

Chris a piece of garden hose makes a good    gosport tube to the engine room-
Notice I said TO the engine room  ---you must follow her orders.

Limping home ?   great challenge ----The flight of the phoenix ?   style  ?  you bet.

My last tow truck   was way back  when the GM 5.7 V8 diesel let me down.

Rabbit with NO battery ?    I jack up front  wheel and use rope around tire and
pull like hell.

Very seldom is in that situation ----I park top of the hill.      Will try it just to prove
it does works.

Landrover 109   1960  Series two   Station Wagon  ---?   shit all I did was kick the the rear
left with my foot and she started every time.     On a bet   way in the interior of
BC  in a snowdrift.     The most weird about that Saga ?   they all paid me.
Yes it was a gasser.

After they saw me rewind the shorted out Motorola alternator  in the same
snowdrift ----  I heard rumours that NO one would bet against me again.

What is the secret to "Limping home" ?   ---KNOWLEDGE    ---KNOWLEDGE ---
and determination  "be stubborn?"  it helps.   Frankly to me it is mostly FUN
like a Chess game or Cardgame  or a Boardgame or Rubiks Cube.

My memory is filled with   B-17  limping home SAGAS. ---talk about survival ?
that has to be the tops of all time.

I have to say it :   Shalyn  ---  do not give up on VW diesels.

The all time record of limping on ?    Germany in 1944 --1945.    absolutely the
most outstanding efford of ALL time.  ---Yes the Germans were my ENEMY
but my statement stands.    I also admire those little  GOOKS    and  their
sharpened bamboo sticks   taking on the greatest military power of all time.
And what GOOD can I say about the American system ?  LOTS and LOTS.
The American spirit that I know is "Can do" ----no limits.    I have no doubts that
the good american will prevail.   ----in the long run.
My litirary skills are lacking ---but my spirit is ok ?    And all my american friends ?
Great people  like Canadians ,Germans, and on and on ---so why cant we all get along ?
strange.----maybe I shall work on that next.
Is everybody   welcome in this forum ?   --as far as I know YES.

Your Religion or Nationality or Color ?   No problem.    VW Diesel is it.

This forum to me has been a real SUPER place ----stuck in sick bay in a little
sticks town ?  in BC.   A lousy telephone line and a computer ?   absolutely
great for my education.   (thanks DOYT ECHELBERGER)  for being my tutor.

or Mentor ?     And yes I do respond to those who try to help me with my english.

The most common Limpmode   is the   "Lack of Juice limp"   in the Landrover
it was difficult --- but in the Rabbit ?   Simple as apple pie.    If there is a Filling station
selling diesel   within 50 miles ? (no problemo)  a gallon of Kerosene,Canola,Peanut oil,  and 
it IS possible to drive on gasoline for 50 miles.Take the lowest Octane you can find
Naphta is perfect.    Mix with engine oil and go for it. I say   3 quarts of gas to 2 Oil
sounds about right. The Rabbit will limp on a very high viscosity fuel in summertime.
I have tested Canola oil for winter use ---and it was fine   at 50 --50 .
Pure Canola oil in freezer becomes much like honey in viscosity.

Much of my limping was done in the interior of BC  in winter time.   At times
it was live or die. ---Limping suddenly becomes very attractive -------- by normal
thinking I was dead a couple of times.  Canadian winter is brutal. We have tourists
from Europe dying here regularly. They drown or freeze to death or get eaten by Bears
and Cougars.Many dye within sight of a town.

So you see Chris Collin   there was at least one person out there on the net that
enjoyed your tale. And related to it.


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