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  I did it in reverse order. I got a Jetta TDI then a NA Rabbit D. I
have to tell you it is shocking the difference in NHV on the two.


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I own a 97 Passat TDI, and I love it. Got with 200k miles, and have put
close to 40k on it now. Over half that has been on used canola oil mind
The doors and regulators are very flaky as said before. And not cheap
either. I also have the problem where the turbo shuts down while
driving, putting the car in limp mode. Restarting the car resets this,
quite annoying. I replaced the vacuum hoses and didn't help this time.
But all in all, this is a small rpice to pay for such a great car! It's
bigger than most VW cars, and still gets around 40 mpg. Compare it to
the older VW's and there is no comparison. It's quiter, cleaner, and
much faster. Highway driving is nice, provided you don't have the issue
I previously mentioned.
I've worked on a few A4 TDI's, and like my passat better. I guess the
newer TDI's have a turbo with variable vanes, so it can regulate intake
pressure better or something.
Newer TDI's can also have flaky MAF's, I've heard.


> Hi all, it is approaching the time when we will probably leave our 
> older Type II VWs behind and start to learn about the TDIs, the 
> question is this: I understand that there were some changes in the 
> early TDIs and should I seek or avoid the '96-'97 Passats, etc? Just
try to get one of the newer ones?
> What is the wisdom along these lines? Thanks and already regretting 
> not being as able to fix my own stuff,... Dan.
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