[Vwdiesel] Glow plugs and Valve shims --- ( hagars experience)

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Dec 20 14:49:01 EST 2004

Q :
Can cycling the glow plugs on especially cold days cause them to fry 
Pam & Doug Boes 

A :    yes   BUT that is not your problem.

The total solution to glowplug problems canbe be found in archives.

Missing GranGrans delicious turkey and what not   ---due to lack of Glow plug
knowledge ?  ----not me kiddo.

And yes all plugs will burn out at the same time if they are left ON. while driving.
They are all in parrallel   electrically so that tells it.

If you ask this forum to help you troubleshoot  --be shure to give details of model and year
and OLD or  NEW    style plugs.  ----- the OLD style plugs burn out if you look at them
crosseyed.     The VW  glowplug system is horrible in reliability compared to standard
american systems like Bobcat 743  etc.    Manual control is the answer.

If the glow is manual ---- then you know for sure that it is not on --when it should be off.

So I recommend to ALL  owners of OLD Rabbits to install a small starter relay on
fender well and a pushbotton on dash.   And do not forget a indicator light 
connected to glow plug buss.  Will send pictures to Shawn Wright so he can post.
NO need to do anything to the exsisting system.- simply add a relay and button.
Both systems will work together..At the same time.

If you have a LAZY   cylinder this setup really works ( I had ).    .

On the Valve shims ?   check clearance HOT   and set on the high end . 
Lots of slop hot. ----or face the problems of slightly leaking exhaust valves when
really HOT.

Wire relay with  Belden  # 10  motorlead wire it works.   Picture will show.

And NEVER NEVER   jumper fuse with  too big a wire.  must carry 50 amps
but not a lot more.   So a  #  18  copper is probably on the big side.


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