[Vwdiesel] Glow plug indicator system design?

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Tue Dec 21 11:18:52 EST 2004

Shawn Wright wrote:
> Has anyone thought of designing an active glow plug indicator system
> which can actually detect the presence of sufficient current or voltage drop
> through each plug? I'm thinking of a system which could monitor each plug
> independently with an LED for each. If necessary, the plug could be
> powered from a separate relay circuit using a manual switch, but I'd prefer
> the option to use the stock relay, and just have feedback for each plug.
> My knowledge of electronics is rusty at best, but there must be someone
> on the list up to the task? I'd love to see a little row of LEDs in one of the
> spare dash switch blanks monitoring the plugs, and the option for a
> manual switch if desired...

Yes, I'm working on just such a design.  A replacement wiring harness with an LED per plug to monitor whether is it getting
current.  I'm currently rounding up the parts to get a prototype built.  Have to get the transmission swapped out first, though.

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