[Vwdiesel] Glow plug indicator system design?

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Dec 21 11:44:11 EST 2004

Apple Pie    Shawn   Apple pie.

Has anyone thought of designing an active glow plug indicator system 
which can actually detect the presence of sufficient current or voltage drop 
through each plug? 
Shawn Wright

I hagar the Elecron nerd and Roger Brown   did a lot of explaining how to do it.

Here is my take.  :     Old Rabbits have  4 plugs   and each plug is about 10 amps.
So an ampmeter will monitor the plugs NO problemo  40 amps ?   all ok.
20 amps ?    two plugs not working.    ---get it ?

Next we design a  super cheap ammeter .   Apple pie.    Canadian Tire and
all the big stores in the US    like  ---you know    National ?   they all sell
small multimeters at about 10 dollars from time to time.   Powered by a 9 volt
battery.     The VW glow plug FUSE  is a perfect shunt.    Permanently   connect
meter across fuse  ---put meter on millivolts  and BINGO   there it is.

A plug burns out ?   ---Apple pie  ---use same meter to measure voltage on
plug buss.  plug to plug.   ----No reading plug is burned out or connection dirty.
Identify faulty plug without disconnecting anything ---I do it as a routine.
takes a few minutes.     You are measuring voltage drop in buss .

What is important ?    to know that all plugs are working. ----This system is
about 10 dollars ---and it works.


PS  :    Read all about it on Roger Browns home page.       For experts ?  a real shunt
and a Real meter is the answer.   -- Yes I have that too.

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