[Vwdiesel] Glow plug talk for beginners. --- ( Apple Pie Apple Pie say I )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Dec 21 12:49:33 EST 2004

The plugs are really simple to test if you read archives   ----now to replace the
little bastards is someting else..

I take the lines off as a unit  -makes it a lot simpler.   No matter what    NEVER
reinstall OLD style plugs ---   throw them in the river --get rid.

Make sure to get BOSCH   plugs ----take my word ---they are a PITA to do
so get the best.   We are NOT changing sparkplugs ---get it ?.

And yes new style plug will work in old system. NO need for a new relay.

But I do recommend the NEW RELAY  ---it is a better system.    BUT   that
is about 50 dollars just for the relay here. -----Better choice is install your own relay
and a pushbutton on dash . Like me ----Apple pie say I.

For a DIY driver a manually controlled system is best.    .For your wife or girlfriend ?

Well they can learn to do it ---and no shitt they will be better at it than you
before you can say  Glow worm Glow.


PS :   How do I use the manual system ?   Like a master controller---totally in 
control . Not sitting there like an IDIOT hoping that a VW  relay timer is going to do it
right.   Here in the great white north  ---conditions change so much that
no German Relay will do it.   Knowing that the NEW plugs are designed for a 3 minute ON cycle
makes a start a piece of APPLE pie.
So push on for a minute and try to start.   I have NO problems since I got the NEW style plugs.

I would not even take the OLD style if they were free.

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