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H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Dec 21 15:18:19 EST 2004

Keep the stories rolling !
Mike in NB "73"

Good thread Mike and Chris.     I for one will do my best to keep the stories rolling
for the reason that it really brings forward the DIY and can do spirit.

Ingenuity and use every trick in the book ----- I have to give credit to my American friends
the spirit of can do was very strong in the time I was living is the USA.

As we go along ?   will we smoke out a few real masters ?    I think so.

Flyboys and Hams and Inventors  ----are blessed with BRAINS in general.  And
when it comes to survival and LIMPING home ?   yes you got it.

Canada is a big country  ---?    NO   it is humongous   ---and out there in the wildernes was a flyboy and crew making a propellor from a tree they cut down ?  to limp home ?
you bet    It is a great plasure for me to read about these LImping home tales  SAGAS ?

Yes I am right in there like a dirty shirt.

Now the worst tale I heard of all time ?   ---a family in a car drove down from Hope BC 
on the Skagit road.   A snowstorm came up and they were stuck. And they died.
Stupidity class one.   --- with a car ?   no way of making a big fire ?   try me.

Nothing is simpler snow or nothing than to make a BIG fire in BC on the Skagit Road.

Those branches of those trees burn like crazy    snowing or not.   I will never
live that one down. ---- Did I actually do it ?   yes I did --- kept the fire going all night
in a snowstorm in norther Maine USA. ---yes it was a close call.

For making a fire in a snowstorm ?   lots and lots of SteelWool.  ----man oh man
does it burn hot ---and water means nothing. It does not soak up water.

So how do you ignite steel wool ? simple electricity.
Anything like a flashlight cell will do it ---be careful do not do it inside. (like me).

I was running for the door ---but the faster I ran the hotter the shit burned.

Nothing is more important in north america for survival than fire or water.

And Death Valley is small in the over all picture.


PS :  The tradegy on the Skagit Road will haunt me to the day I die.   Would Loren die ?
or Val die ? or Doyt die?  or nyone here ?     NO BLOODY WAY.

Skagit Road is a good road along the river. ----I have been there many times.
Goes from Hope BC to the Skagit Lake USA..

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