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  The LED's are not in series with G/Ps but attached in parallel with the individual(ized) supplys Just like an ammeter shunt 99.99% of current would go through the copper supply wire with a little going through the diode . It could be worked out mathematically; but buy 6 cheap LED's t o allow for failed 2 iterations. Say a shunt of 6 inches of sample supply wire 
  +_____________________i====> G/P
         |                                 |


  These are only theorizations!! :o)  
  Taking a common to all the LED's from say the Phillips screw on the ^0A fuse would give over 2 ft of Voltage drop. The LED's would go out on the usual o/c failure of each Glow plug.... Hell you could time how long between consecutive failures. (I've just had 3 plugs fail last week; first a single then 2 days later two different ones!!)

  Sorry about the drawing attempt 

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