[Vwdiesel] glow plug indicators

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Dec 21 21:19:44 EST 2004

I would only put a 12v bulb across
the fuse to indicate it has blown. It would be unwise to use it as a
metering shunt, as if it blows, your milliammeter will smoke too.

Sandy Cameron   have you ever put a digital meter set for millivolts 
on 12 volts ?   and seen it smoke ?

You may ALL take my word for it  no damage to the meter even when set at
200m .. 

No problemo.  Fuse blows ?   no problemo.     ----sorry Sandy but you got that one wrong.

And I say that LED indicators are fine ---but not as practical and simple
as a digital meter across fuse.    Welcro to dash. ---it is always handy for other
troubleshooting. as well.     two wires and job is done. ---simple and
efficient.    Works like stink.

I have done lots of work with LEDS  ---and I like them. BUT  they are not needed in this application.

A proper shunt and Ammeter is the best. ---period.     But that is more than 10 dollars.


PS :   A DIY can make his own shunts for ammeter likkety split ---shit I do it
all the time.    Square D   overload heaters makes super shunts. --that is what I use.

Any piece of SS steel works well.

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