[Vwdiesel] Error Code P0380

Erik Lane erikjlane at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 21 23:30:40 EST 2004

I saw something similiar on a 2000 TDI Beetle and I
tested all kinds of things and after much research
ended up replacing the temp sensor on the head that's
for the controller.

But I'm not sure that it actually helped. I had a
problem with the EGR valve being all caked up.

Just something to look at. It's on the backside of the
head on the drivers side of the engine, if memory

Good luck,

--- Tom Krummell <tomcat5 at tomsvw.com> wrote:

> Vehicle:  1999 Jetta IV TDI, ALH engine, 62,150
> miles
>  A few days ago the "check engine" light came on,
> and a query with the
>  OBD-II reader got an error code of P0380, "Glow
> plug circuit."  After
>  resetting the OBD-II, the light came on again
> returning the same error
>  code.  A visual on the whole circuit from glow
> plugs to fusebox didn't
>  find anything wrong, but after reading some of the
> responses in the
>  newsgroup (I'm a newbie, BTW) the culprit seems
> more and more to be a glow
>  plug relay (VW #038-911-253).  The "check engine"
> light comes on about one
>  minute after starting, and starting is now (and
> always has been) darn hard
>  for this particular car.  (My wife's 2003 Jetta TDI
> wagon starts
>  immediately.)
>  Am I on the right track suspecting the glow plug
> relay?  
>  For the record, I replaced the timing belt,
> tensioner, idler pulley and
>  anything else that moved in the timing belt area
> (except the water pump)
>  last summer; no problems until now.
>  TIA,
>  Tom Krummell
>  Roseville, CA
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