[Vwdiesel] Glow Plug Monitor

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You can also Picklex 20 the rust. Not only stops it but converts what is
there! It is a worthy read. http://www.autobodystore.com/coatings.htm 

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POR-15 it.  Stop the rust.  Foam won't help.

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> >A VW purist sure to be more approving then changing buss
> bar, adding led's,
> Vw timer relay lobotomy, Ford starter relays etc. Although I should 
> practice what I preach--.
> >
> MODIFY ! ! !
> There is very little in the VW to be commended outside of the diesel 
> engine.
> Electrics that rival Lucas for reliability.
> I have removed, changed, discarded, modified, almost everything on my 
> 87 jettaTD, back windows no longer work, front doors replaced with 
> manual winder types, A/C long gone, switches and leds on dash 
> permitting continuing motion regardless of what fails in the relay 
> box.
> The under carriage seems fairly reliable, with 2 year brake 
> replacement intervals, front wheel bearings from time to time, but I 
> would mount it on casters with a single drive wheel to keep it going.
> Now close to 500,000km and still drives like a sports car.
> Regretably, the lower frame channels are disolving from the outside 
> in. I wonder if injecting them with urea foam would slow this down?
> Bore a big hole at each end, blow warm air through for a day to dry 
> it, then pack with foam-in-place urea. Might be structurally strong 
> enough to hold it together after the steel has gone away.
> Sandy
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