[Vwdiesel] Glow plug talk for beginners. --- ( Apple Pie Apple Pie say I )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Dec 22 12:14:02 EST 2004

I wouldn't run fast plugs with a slow relay.  If you're going to have an 
"automatic" system, have it right, with the correct timing and all.  Using 
the old relay, you'll invariably leave them on longer thus shortening the 
life of the plugs.
  I can buy relays cheap enough to sell them at $16 and $26, both fast so 
must be difference in manufacturer.  Don't know which is which but my 
Jetta has had the cheap one in it for a year or two.  Works fine.

Why do I Hagar keep saying NEW versus OLD   glowplug ?   not fast or slow ?

Think --- look in to it.      The old relay uses the glowplug less time.    The New style
leaves the glowplug ON for a lot longer.    Now that means we need a special plug ?

And the NEW plug is special  -- it has a ballast resistor  right in the plug .
So what does this BALLAST do ?   it keeps the jacket temperature below

What was the problem with the OLD plugs ?  they got TOO HOT  if left on
for even a few minutes.

The NEW plugs are designed for 3 minutes ON ---- the OLD ones would burn out
in short order if left on that long every start.

If you look at the amperage curve for the NEW plugs ---it tapers right back as soon
as ballast heats up ----that regulates the jacket temperature so a safe point.

Look at the OLD plugs they keep on a heating. -----Jacket will not sustain that
maximum temp --for any lenght of time.

Now for my friends in OHIO ?   boy oh boy do they need the glowplugs or what ?
And NY ?   ---here we are having a HEAT wave .    ----how unfair ?   but I am not

Beginners will have problems starting when it gets COLD    and make NO mistake
the glowplug is important.    BUT   you must start at the BATTERY.----cranking speed
and glowplugs ?   you got it.

So WHY ? is Hagar so smart when it comes to starting COLD diesels ?     ---
he listened to those Germans coming back from Stalingrad.    NOBODY but NOBODY
knows more about starting COLD diesels than The Ruskies and the Germans at 
Stalingrad.----- you may quote me.

It was start or die.   ---- and that sure made a lot of smart operators of diesels.

James Hansen and Sandy Cameron  knows about COLD starting of all kinds of
equipment.   And I am sure they both agree with a lot I am saying.

42 below and Hagar kept moving ?   ----scary let me tell you.    SCARY.


PS :   why does BOSCH no longer make the OLD plugs ?  because the NEW
plugs are better. And they will work in the OLD system   better than the OLD plugs.
Would I ever use the OLD plugs anywhere?  ---number 4  maybe.   Nah not worth it.
Timing of plugs is a combination of timer and thermistor ? (thermo sensor).

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