[Vwdiesel] LED status for my Glowplug monitor

Mark Shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Thu Dec 23 12:11:49 EST 2004

LED is off whilst glowplug being used as car starter. When
car has started  and glow plugs not
energised the LED comes on IF it does not then the plug has
failed opencircuit.
Power diodes isolate each branch of the 'wired' bus bar so
each LED operates (shows state of) one glowplug only.
+Supply to the LEDs can be switched off   via switch or with
accessories power milliwatts worth! You've now all persuaded
me to make it myself when I have time and I'll use 4 LEDs
surounding my green filament light that shows power to bus
bars .
Mark(The Miser)UK "Maybe I'm bannanas"

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