[Vwdiesel] Rust and RUST and more RUST --( hagars curse )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Dec 23 16:50:59 EST 2004

The flyboys ?  --yes take it from me   --they know how to deal
with corrosion and RUST.

Only the flyboys ?  ---one more  the Sailors   like  Gary Bangs.

But back to the flyboys  US NAVY  in the Pacific    ----they are the tops.

Give me a brand new Rabbit and I guarantee it will NEVER rust.      I am using
US NAVY  procedures.

And Mark Shepherd was close ----kerosene and used engine oil ?  very close
but here is one better.   Use used hydraulic oil the heavy stuff  and no kerosene.

Some hydraulic oils have a RUST inhibitor in the formulation.   I use ESSO   NUTO  --H  68
but use NUTO H 150 if you can get it.

I spray BUNNY BONDO    regularly   ---and it works.  Nuto is easy on rubber and so on-----
If sand and salt packs in a corner ?    when it is dry ---like in the summer ?   spray
spray and spray to soak it with oil ----when soaked with oil it will not take on water later on.

Here are a few of the US NAVY tricks.-----lots of Zinc Chromate primer   ---lots of Linseed oil
"Linoil"   lots of Cosmoline.    lots of Marine grade Never sneeze.    Lots of Beeswax.
Galvanize anything that is standing still.   ------ Remember if it moves ? Salute it, if not
moving PAINT it.

Plating with Cadmium was done a lot ---- and Red Lead paint ? great stuff   BUT   the
winner is ---of all time ?   ---Right    Black Tar.     Penny for Penny Dollar for Dollar
NOTHING compares to TAR.  ---around salt water.

Hagar :

PS : I am getting a little rusty.

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