[Vwdiesel] 50A fuses

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Sun Dec 26 16:46:37 EST 2004

> Where can I get the 50A glow plug fuses besides the stealership?

  I can get them, so my list says anyway.  About $.40 each.  50A 
80A and 150A (typo?)

> It burns me up when I find  a shortcut that  
> either a PO or "mechanic" has taken that  causes me to spend a lot of 
> time determining why things don't work like they are supposed to!

  That's one thing you really learn when working "flat rate"  PROCEDURE 
and troubleshooting!  It usually keeps you from wasting a lot of time 
chasing a problem that is "down the road" from the real problem which 
is causing the problem you're chasing!  ;-)
  I once spend over an hour chasing a "no brake lights" problem. 2nd 
generation Rabbit with the big tail lights.  So I start checking brake 
switches, fuses, grounds.  Well, the one BIG problem with working in 
a dealership, at least the one I was at, is the lack of grabbing a second 
body when you don't ABSOLUTELY need it but it'd save a lot of time.  Such 
as hold this test light on the brake lights while I hit the brakes.  That 
allowed!  (neither was listening to the radio, ANY radio, in the shop).  You 
could only grab help for pulling down a transmission or maybe setting in an 
engine.  We learned to sneak around some of it but it was a pain.  
ANYWAY, it turned out I had 4 burned out bulbs!  Not what you'd expect but 
I learned that sometimes it IS quicker to test the end result rather than 
chase power through each connection as in standard troubleshooting.  It 
varies but you learn that 1 minute thinking about things can save you a lot 
of time chasing stuff!

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