[Vwdiesel] Impact usage

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Sun Dec 26 22:50:18 EST 2004

>   To remove only, impact is best for this.  Using a wrench, it must be
> pushed toward the head and no rocking.  Installing, use a torque
> wrench and again, push toward the head and don't lean the wrench so that
> it all goes into turning motion and no angled motion.  THAT'S what cracks
> the heads, leaning on a wrench/bar/rachet.

  I'd go ahead and say that you should use one hand on the center of the
ratchet, breaker bar, whatever, and the other on the handle, as a matter of
course and for any situation possible. It's just good procedure. Putting a
side load on a fastener's head does nothing but increase the chances of
breaking or rounding off said fastener, or at least skinning your knuckles.
You can get away one-handing it in some instances, of course, but when the
fastener is very tight or it's rusty, etc., every little bit helps.

Did that make sense?  :-))

 Anyone ever try melting candle wax around the injector with the engine hot?
Does it get warm enough to do that? The candle wax trick has saved my bacon
more than once.


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