[Vwdiesel] My vacuum pump isn't vaccing

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Dec 27 12:46:41 EST 2004

Doyt :   I agree with Loren  --- you have a diaphragm vaccum pump.

Consider yourself lucky  ---- that is a superb DIY fix pump. 

It is  IMHO   the best design of all time.    mine are   068 - 145 - 101  B .

made by   Pierburg   KG     Germany.

Repair kits are available.    and cheap.      Remove pump and repair in garage.

Normal problem ?    hole in diaphragm.    Intake and outlet valve are simple to
get at and check.

5.7 L   V8  GM   disel vacuum pump ?   ----garbage.   At   325 dollars US. Hope
I never see one again.  ( but I will )

Doyt NOW is the time to fix it.    I shall supply pictures and parts numbers if required.

Looks like my Rabbit 1984 Rabbit Turbo has a vane type pump ----do not like.

I have fooled around with vaccuum pumps of all kinds   and some bigger than
a Rabbit. ...  Highest vaccuum ?   mercury pump for  Neon and Radiotubes and

All of you with OLD Rabbits (like me) 1980 to 1984    check your diaphragms with a magnifier.

The booster ?    ---use a  simple vacuum cleaner for testing . Remember there is
a filter for the intake to booster   ---if you live in dusty   place check it.


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