[Vwdiesel] Glow plug FUSING ? --(Rabbits 1980 to 1984 )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Dec 28 09:13:05 EST 2004


I'll probably catch heck for this but when I last lost a g.p. fuse I traced 
it out on a piece of aluminum house siding and cut it out to get me by. It 
seems similar in gauge and I kept the dimensions correct. It has been there 
for a year or so.  I know I need to get some of the real ones though.
Hey -3 here Christmas morning and my jetta parked in a unheated garage with 
no block heater (yet) started up. Stalled once or twice but took right off 


Bart Wineland and  ALL  :         I was a bit hasty saying NO SIDING   ---
the fact is that Bart was on the right track.    What is the most practical
limping on fuse anywhere ?------   yup    BEERCAN  (for me)    POP cans for you guys.

Trace it out like BART suggested ---sand it CLEAN on both sides   and bolt in place.
I shall comme back and let you all know the exact amp rating.  And the
correct gauge and with of POP can to use.    Cans here are 3 thou. Inch.
can be cut with ordinary  schissors.  If one thickness burns   double up.

Great idea Bart  ---that one will go down in my LIMPING HOME  book.


PS :    Zinc   foil is good   and some wineland bottles have a cover made of TIN 
Tin is great.   In  Denmark poor peoples fuse during the # 2 War ?   aluminium foil.

Sometimes I use Shimstock   --brass.   Let us know if you have good Ideas

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