[Vwdiesel] mileage woes

Val Christian val at swamps.roc.ny.us
Tue Dec 28 11:39:51 EST 2004

> Also, about what speed does the rabbit start shaking? At times, the car
> would start vibrating, but only when I was going really fast, and the
> engine sounded like it was about ready to rip itself to pieces (4spd
> manual). It's got almost new tires, that were just mounted/balanced, and
> a front end alignment just last week.
> Which brings me to yet another quick question, my brother mentioned that
> it looked like my car was driving sideways, or at least angled, when he
> was following me. Can the rear end be out of a alignment? Can it be
> fixed?

Check your rear end alignment.  The easiest approach to rough order things
is to hit a snow covered country road (pick one with less crown), and 
drive straight.  Forward, and backwards.  Get out an look at your tracks.

Looking at your front end tracks, the tread marks shouldn't be sheared off.

A properly setup Rabbit will do 80 mph OK, but the engine will scream, 
and you'll go deaf after 25 years of driving them.  Eh?

That's it for hilbilly alignment checking.  Most shops will let you 
come back for an alignment check within 30 days.  I suggest you do so,
and have them double check the balance of the tires, explaining
your symptoms.  You might have lost a weight, or had the alignment

Good luck.


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