[Vwdiesel] mileage woes

Val Christian val at swamps.roc.ny.us
Tue Dec 28 17:34:46 EST 2004

> > Check your rear end alignment.  The easiest approach to rough order
> > things is to hit a snow covered country road (pick one with less
> > crown), and drive straight.  Forward, and backwards.  Get out an look
> > at your tracks.
> > 
> > Looking at your front end tracks, the tread marks shouldn't be sheared
> > off.
> Looks like its starting to snow now, so I might be able to do this
> soon...
> When you say "sheared off," do you mean the rear wheels should track
> within the fronts?

	What you want to do is to make a judgement as to whether the 
	tires are scrubbing, or whether they are tracking true.  If 
	true, then you will see mounds of snow, in the form of tread.
	If scrubbing, you will likely see no mounds, only "shreads"
	of snow, as the tread is sliding against the road surface.
	This may be easier with the tires pumped up to 35 or 40#.

> > A properly setup Rabbit will do 80 mph OK, but the engine will scream,
> It may have started vibrating a little higher, maybe 85 or (god forbid)
> 90. Again, I didn't have a speedometer.

	The 77-80 Diesels wouldn't go beyond 82 or 83 due to 
	the govenor.  It was kinda funny, you could get them 
	over that speed going down a hill, but they would back 
	off, and even though you were going down hill, the top 
	speed would be about 83.

	My 91 NA goes a little bit higher, and I haven't checked
	to see if the final transmission ratio is any different.

> > and you'll go deaf after 25 years of driving them.  Eh?
> I have a radio that works surprisingly well for drowning out the engine.
> Cheap CD player with two self-powered (packed with 6AA batteries)
> speakers that were originally intended for a computer. Have to try and
> talk my dad into letting me have that VW Design radio he uses out in the
> garage (I already built him a new music player, but gotta get his
> approval before I snatch the radio, just in case)

	Hard of hearing is often a function of noise exposure.
	Wear EAR or similar ear plugs.  The Rabbits are quiet 
	enough at 40, but at 80, they're just too loud.  My 


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