[Vwdiesel] More glow pulg testing Q's ...

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I haven't done this (yet)as my Golf is still in the shop undergoing a
thorough exam.
On my ex-88 Jetta (now dead) I often wondered how I could tell.  I ended up,
instead of
doing the separate wire thing and some sort of circuit. (it was too much
outside work in the freezing cold, at the time)  I just cut the wires and
read each individual plug with an ohmmeter.  About an ohm each as I recall
(others can confirm.)
SPliced it all back together.  Didn't have to remove any of those nasty
little nuts, except on the far one, as the GP was burned out there.

Good luck !


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Is there any way to identify a dead plug without removing the bussbar ?  I
suspect I have a dead plug ( at least one, it does fire, but only after
about 20 seconds on the starter .. )  I think I have an ammeter from a gauge
cluster.  I was thinking of removing the fuse near the overflow ( the flat
one ) and hooking up the meter there.  With that, I'd know how many, but not
which one(s) are dead.  Maybe its time for individual wires to each GP.
Sure would make testing easier ....
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