[Vwdiesel] Part-out

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Tue Dec 28 21:28:06 EST 2004

Parting out a 91 TD Jetta.

Part-out at the VW corral (Boyd gang?)

"Parting out is such sweet sorrow"  (W Shakespear?)

Sorry, too much turkey soup.

Wife is in the kitchen picking the bones for soup, I'm in the shop picking
the bones for door handles, relays, instrument group, etc. We're both making

The engine is out and on the floor, just over 200,000 km.
Doesn't seem to have a lot of compression, head gasket is good, no oil in
coolant, spins a little too easily. hard to get started, even when spinning
fast (yes the plugs are good and ON)
Once started, runs beautifully. Always starts and runs well if I use the
block heater.
Maybe it's a tropical engine. Is it worn out, or just stuck rings? That's
not high mileage, unless he ran it without an air filter. Oil pressure is
fine., even with #5 synth in it.

I think I will drop it in one of my daily drivers in the spring, and run it
on good stuff for the summer and see if it recovers.

The body is fairly sound, but has seen too many salty Toronto winters, All 4
door handles are OK, but held on by large rust blisters. Quite a bit of rust
in other areas too.
I'm going to keep the engine, wheels and tires, axels, maybe the drivers
seat and fuel tank and lines.

 I'm going to pull the instrument cluster, fuse/relay block and all the
engine controls (cold start cable, Cruise control, accel cable, speedo
cable, hood cable, etc) but don't really need them

PS pump and hoses, no I'm not going to pull the rack.

The A/C is intact, but empty (R12, have you seen the Duracool web site?
check it out and tell us what you think Thread it duracool.). The compressor
seems to be OK, feels all right when turned by hand. Good condenser, hoses,
etc. Anybody want them free? you pay shipping.
Will give away the cruise control too (parts) Dont want to get into pulling
the bracket off the pump.

Big bumpers, lots of other plastic, trunk lid spoiler, Would you believe, a
plastic splash guard for the engine belts?

Carcass goes to the crusher. I have too many now.

Not sure what is involved in shipping to USA, I don't need a lot of hassels
for free junk.

Sandy (VW soup)

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