[Vwdiesel] More glow pulg testing Q's ...

Libbybapa at wmconnect.com Libbybapa at wmconnect.com
Wed Dec 29 09:19:18 EST 2004

In a message dated 12/28/04 11:38:41 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
LBaird119 at aol.com writes:

>  No kidding, I often will pull the injectors so that I can actually see 
> them.  
> You usually KNOW when one's dead, so the buss bar has to come off 
> unless it's #4, the injector lines need to come off unless you're into 
> masochism.  So, pull the injectors.  Good time to do a compression 
> test or run the injectors to see how they're doing.

Case in point.  I now have my fall-time glowplug/compression/injector check 
outlined.  Not exactly the direct approach, but great method.  Thank you Loren. 
 And no more scratched up hands wrestling around the injectors.  Wow.

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