[Vwdiesel] More glow pulg testing Q's ...

Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
Wed Dec 29 10:53:03 EST 2004

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> >  No kidding, I often will pull the injectors so that I can actually see 
> > them.  
> > You usually KNOW when one's dead, so the buss bar has to come off 
> > unless it's #4, the injector lines need to come off unless you're into 
> > masochism.  So, pull the injectors.  Good time to do a compression 
> > test or run the injectors to see how they're doing.
> > 
> Case in point.  I now have my fall-time glowplug/compression/injector check 
> outlined.  Not exactly the direct approach, but great method.  Thank you Loren. 
>  And no more scratched up hands wrestling around the injectors.  Wow.
> Andrew

I agree completely, having done this job twice in the past month, although I had to be 
reminded how much easier it is to remove the injectors. First time, I did it the 
masochistic way, trying to reach the #1 & #2 with all means of little wires, 
screwdrivers, small wrenches and duct tape. (3 plugs were dead). A week later, I did 
it again, but my compression tester had arrived, so I pulled the lines and injectors. No 
contest. I can pull the lines and injectors in about the same time it takes to pull the #1 
glow plug. With the injectors out, trouble shooting is easy, and replacing plugs is a 

It's also a good time to check & replace the fuel return lines. I have two ends which 
came apart pulling them off, which means they might have failed soon, making a 
mess of fuel at the least convenient time. I always replace the lines "long" allowing 
for trimming 1/2" off each end when the ends get worn, since that is where they 
usually fail. 
Shawn Wright
I.T. Manager
Shawnigan Lake School

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