[Vwdiesel] Passat UPdate

Hayden Chasteen dieseltdi at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 29 13:10:12 EST 2004

Well the 04 Passat is about to reach 15000 miles so I thought I might 
give everyone an update.  First of all, through two oil changes(always 
Motul Specific 505.01 and  VW filter using my oil sucker), it has used 
0 oil, not a drop even during the time when we took our 6500 mile 
vacation with the trailer on back.  No warranty troubles except for a 
sticking seat belt, a vanity mirror light that wouldn't go out (pinched 
wire) and a coolant leak from a fitting on the block (failed O ring).  
Not bad for almost 15000 miles.  As far as mileage is concerned, in 
14857 miles it consumed 510.2 gallons of diesel for an average fuel 
economy of 29.1.  Highest calculated mpg was 39 and lowest was 24.  
Interestingly, the MFA display of average mpg is almost exactly 2 mpg 
higher than the calculated mpg.  It has been like that from the start 
and I am guessing that it has something to do with filling the tank all 
the way to the brim, since it gets a signal from the fuel gauge (it 
resents the potential miles per tank number when you add any fuel) and 
it can't recognize the extra fuel in the tank (almost 2 gallons extra). 
  All in all, I am very pleased with the car and would most purchase it 
again.  Hayden

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