[Vwdiesel] TD injector rebuild

Libbybapa at wmconnect.com Libbybapa at wmconnect.com
Thu Dec 30 22:42:57 EST 2004

Well, I worked on my injectors today.  Perhaps my methods are unorthodox, but 
they seem to work.  I swapped the nozzles for new ones.  I then gauged the 
breaking pressures with the new nozzles.  I replaced shims to get close to the 
breaking pressures I wanted.  I then found that I could hand lap (fine 
sandpaper on flat) the injector mating surface of top half of injector to increase 
breaking pressure, or the ends of the spring to lower it.  I was able to balance 
them to within a few psi of each other.  Impressive the fast stoccatto when 
they were done, along with the choking mist of trucker cologne.  Van seems to 
have quit its smoking altogether, despite the fact that I increased the fueling 
a bit.  On WOT up Big Hill I managed hit 1170°F on pyrometer.  I think I'll 
leave it alone now.  On to rerouting crankcase venting.

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