[Vwdiesel] Metric system ? is it better ? ---( ABSOLUTELY )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Dec 31 14:04:37 EST 2004

I was born in Copenhagen Denmark in 1932   ---- What was the measuring system ?
STUPID ?    no SUPER STUPID. ( Danish garbage).

British system UK ?   ---stupid in 2004.   American system 2004 ?   ---STUPID.

Why do I keep saying STUPID ?   ------because I know they all have to go to
Metric and Decimal   like it or NOT.     And for every day procrastinating ---the
cost goes UP. (is that stupidity or not ? )

Chinese system 2004 ?   ---smart    ----they burned all UK rulers and garbage and went Metric overnight .(under Mao).

SMART to do ?   ----I say yes indeed.     Sweden swapped  traffic patterns overnight ?
Smart ?   yes    ---costly but smart. Waiting makes it more costly.
So I say hanging on to the old British crap ?   is stupid.

So who is it that resist the change ?    ----The shortsighted greedy stupid bastards ---
who cares more about a dollar in the pocket(now) than the FUTURE of the Nation.

What  about Canada ?   ----STUPID ---- the wimpy bastards in Ottawa did not have
the guts to say ---BAN the old system period.      ----Do like China   go all the way.
Period.   ----------- or you will be kissing Pekings ass in the future.   IMHO.

Loren what do you think  ?   am I on the Soap Box ? .

Great blast for the end of 2004  ---say I .

Safeway   grocery shopping ?   ---take a close look and you will understand
what I am saying. ---------- Safe Way ? my ass ---they rip you off right and left.
Hope they sue me   ----that would be MEAT on the plate for me.

Am I saying these systems were STUPID from day one ?   NO NO.
I am saying they are OUTMODED.      Is this a   CRUSADE ?   of mine ?
yes go METRIC.

America is a UK clone   ---and   the system  is outmoded.. I worked and
attended school in UK and USA, ------- IMHO   they need the Metric and Decimal system.

Was I stupid ?   when Canada changed to metric ?   YES   I
could have had all my tools for free.    ----too late now.

Are the rules of the ROAD universal ?   all over the world ?   ---YES and so should
measuring systems be. IMHO.
Those rules ?    on the ocean and in the air. not in Picadilly Square.

The Frenchies got us by the ass   ---they got that Platinum meter rod in the basement in Paris.
Chiraq got Bush¨   outwitted on that one.    It really should be in the UN building.

I see that Platinum is going through the roof price wise.    Do NOT  throw those Platinum plugs
in the garbage.

Is Metric easy to learn ?   -----super easy  IMHO.

Hagar .      The Metric Nut.

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