[Vwdiesel] Metric system ? is it better ? ---( ABSOLUTELY )

Kelly McMullen kellym at aviating.com
Fri Dec 31 14:51:31 EST 2004

Sorry, I know you are on a crusade, but it is simply to late for US to
change..about 200 years to late. The big obstacle is the fact that ALL real
estate is laid out in English, and that won't change. USDOT tried to force
metric on all highway agencies. No big deal for the engineers...they often
do the calculations that way anyhow. BUT, every single design had to be
duplicated in order to purchase right of way. Every measurement and survey
had to be duplicated...which of course quadruples the potential for error.
Design contracts and construction contracts all cost 10-20% more because of
the duplication...your tax dollars wasted.  After about 5 years USDOT/FHWA
caved and all road building is back to English, although some roads have
been built metric. There is NO economic incentive to change anything that
isn't merchandise for export. It simply doesn't matter for the rest, so the
default is no change.

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I was born in Copenhagen Denmark in 1932   ---- What was the measuring
system ?
STUPID ?    no SUPER STUPID. ( Danish garbage).

British system UK ?   ---stupid in 2004.   American system 2004

Why do I keep saying STUPID ?   ------because I know they all have to go to
Metric and Decimal   like it or NOT.

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