[Vwdiesel] Re: Going offline Chelly Bennett

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Dec 31 15:48:56 EST 2004

Now Now   Bennett   ----    we know you are  Aviation     so do not let us down
completely    ----We have Loren and Fergus  the mechanics   ---we have
Electrical engineers and all kinds of other skills here.
But I know that   the Hams  the Aviators   the Inventors     and  visionaries like me
will make a difference in the world.
I am a tinkerer and Ham and Aviator and Fanatic DIY type     and without this place ?
and you and the rest ?  ---shit I would be back   way back there.

So just lay LOW   for a while    ---please   do not totally go off line. To give you an example ?
if every one in the US started driving like me ?   at 78 miles to the gallon ?IMP.
that would cut the fuel consumption in the US   by   half ?
Shit the Saudies would have to shut down wells.    ------but pollution would be less.
But nobody reads your threads ?   ---I do for one and there are thousands of LURKERS out there.

OK OK   for me is it mileage and so on ? ---- NOT at all.     ---It is about having fun----
and I never had more fun than this Rabbit thing.  -----Nothing I ever had to do was more
fun than a Rabbit Diesel VW.----and I had a lot of fun in my time.

I drove Bunny Bondo today   ---and to explain how SMOOOOOOTH that diesel ran ?
That is the closest I ever drove    that compared to the GM V8  5.7L    Royale Braugham
And that was one quit and Smoooooth diesel.     a delta 88 family. Olds stuff.
Bunny Bundo   shure is quiet  -----Loren say he has to plug his ears ?  -----not in this one.

Well I guess I am hopelessly in love with Rabbits ---so I cant see what is wrong ?


PS :    I feel sorry for  Bob Dorshimer at GM    ---shit he was so close. So close.
Poor man     that 5.7  L V8    killed him.   Professionally speaking.
He should have hired Hagar as an advisor. Or Loren or Val or  the best one
from VW or MB.

That blunder must have cost GM; millions of dollars.?   A company with a good
diesel division ?  ----that is stupidity ---in my book.

I am not going offline just yet.

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