[Vwdiesel] First over the road with TD Caddy...musings andobservations

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Loren, thanks for the input.  I am going to check the number on the speedo
again but I think that it is 1575.  Came out of a diesel rabbit so I would
assume that it wouldn't be to different UNLESS it had a 4 speed tranny.  As
far as the actual speed, I was driving at 60 mph according to the speedo but
my wife was following me at 65-67mph.  I consider that a big offset and
personally unacceptable.  So I want to fix it if I can.  As for the
injectors, I go the nozzles for $9 each and my guy doesn't charge anything
to test for breaking pressure.  So if I rebuild them, I can get them tested
and he only charges a few bucks to set the pressure if they need it.  So I
think I am way a head of buying rebuilt injectors.  I guess I won't worry
about the water temp or the EGT temps. Besides your response, two other
people have reported about the same temps for water and EGT so I guess I am
pretty safe.  BTW as to cleaning the sender for the VDO gauge, it never has
registered very fast. It has always gone up very slowly.  I does seem to go
down in temp at a reasonable rate however.  I may still pull it and clean it
a bit.  Thanks, Hayden
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> > tranny with stock size tires and wheels, a new speedo cable and a
> > rebuilt speedo head from a rabbit (actually I just fixed the broken
> > odometer gear) with code 1575.  The gear on the end of the cable is
> > white.  I know that it should not have the red one right?  What about
> > that green one people were taking about?
> >
>   I don't remember right off but it seems like the gears are 21, 22 and
> 23 teeth, give or take one.  My Rabbit isn't where I can take a peek at
> it but it seems like it has a 4 in the number, like 1475 or 1545 or such.
> A lower code, by another 3% roughly (1525?) in combination with the
> gear would do it.  Likewise a 1450 would as well.  If you have access
> to a CNC, chuck the tip of the speedo to it and set the speed for 1575
> rpm and see what your speedo reads.  That code is the 60mph calibration
> speed.  :)
> >   I have new nozzles on the way and will rebuild them and
> > then have them reset to the proper injection pressure.
>   I found it's usually as cheap and certainly easier to just get rebuilt
> injectors.  That way if it's bad, which they sometimes are, you can
> get a replacement plus the cost is usually about the same as nozzles
> and paying someone to set them up plus the time you save.
> >
> > thing that I am a bit concerned about is the water temp gauge.  Temp
> > registers at about 1 click above middle after a good romp down the high
> > way.
>   Seems like that's about what most I've noticed have run at.  Either a
> above or just below middle, unless the stat isn't working right, or it has
> 92C in it.  Then it tends to run about 2/3.
> >  Last but not least, I have installed a EGT gauge
> > and when crusing at the corrected mph of 65 it reads between 600 and
> > 700 degrees F.  Anyone else have an EGT on there TD to let me know what
> > a "normal" range is.  This is a bit higher than I see in normal
> > cruising on my 98 TDI so I am a bit concerned.
>   Depends HEAVILY on head wind, road condition, canopy, etc on an A1
> body!  I'd say anywhere from a high 500 to 800 is normal.  A bad injector
> or two will rais that by 100 to 200.  My Jetta runs about 600 to 700 at
> 60 lately and has a noticeable miss at idle.  Bad injector.  It usually
> a hundred or two lower than now.  It's also slower to drop temp and
> to go up.  Intercooler will drop about 1:1 off of the exhaust temp.
>      Loren
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