[Vwdiesel] bleeding Injector/Lead-Footed Butterfly wear and Alternators

mark shepherd mkwun at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 2 20:10:13 EST 2004

Can I re-ask about the injector problem?....
I have a small leak on No1 injector; that I initially thought was from a
perished return pipe...several recuts and new bits of pipe have not cured
it. Closer observation tells me that the leak is coming from the base of the
male connector. This nozzle is either the farthest or 2nd farthest from the
return back to the pump.

1)What kind of pressure is this experiencing?

2)Would it be better if I made No1 injector the one that returns the fuel to
the pump?

3) What if I put a 'T' in the return and returned from both ends?

4) Hell... Put them all in parallel?

5) Are they a push-fit?

...In a late response to Val and Loren can we assume the carb valve wears 
quicker in the vehicle driven by a driver that persisted in accelerating out 
of the bottom of steep inclines or repeated bursts whilst on the 

I've read on a camping URL that alt o/p can be boosted on some alternators 
by replacing the alt charge light with a variable resistor?... Is this what 
'H' was hinting at earlier?...

Mark(The Miser)Uk

"There's nothing like driving past a bonfire and then realising its your

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