[Vwdiesel] varooom varooom and water leak problem

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Thu Feb 5 11:24:25 EST 2004

completely seal off the seam with a bead
of silicone forcing it into the seam with your finger

  Guys, DON'T use silicone on your cars for stuff like this, please?  There 
are products that are made JUST for this kind of thing and Haden's going 
to find out why when/if he pulls that window out after siliconing it!  Body 
seam sealer is much more sticky and stretchy than silicone and doesn't 
tend to pull away as silicone can.  It may crack down the middle eventually 
but it's an easy fix.  When you need to do a repair the proper stuff will 
or sand clean fairly easily. Silicone won't.  For sealing windows there's a 
couple of black versions of something similar.  One is the glue in windshield 

stuff and although it's sort of like silicone in many properties, it's a 
little more 
removeable. The other stuff is black, a tad goey but still kind of a dum-dum 
like consistency.  Most of us have seen it oozed out around a windshield 
gasket at some time or another.

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