[Vwdiesel] thoughts on TDI

dave kysard55 at suscom.net
Thu Feb 5 15:48:43 EST 2004

I have had an 85 Jetta diesel NA,  the engine is in great shape
(rebuilt) but the body/suspension is not.  It needs a new front
suspension, door handles, transmission,  the windshield flange is rusted
thru.  I have been considering a TDI but the thing I like about my 85 is
the simplicity of the engine,  the fact that it can run with a single
12V input to the fuel cutoff solenoid, no computer, no cam sensor,  very
easy to maintain and troubleshhot.  How is the TDI?  Does the TDI have
OBD2?  Is it easy to hook up a diagnostic program to a TDI via laptop
(like a GM).


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