[Vwdiesel] Cleaning system/ Rusted nuts

Chuck Carnohan CCarnoha at itd.state.id.us
Fri Feb 6 17:23:12 EST 2004

I use washing up liquid and hot water...run engine to swirl round and
out ...repeat.... Those nuts are very hard to get off when rusted etc
wax etc helps... but I'd try and remove unit with downpipe disconnected
next joint. saw through d/pipe if neccessary. Deal with nuts on bench. 
reweld pipe if needed...
Mark (THe Miser)UK

I have heard that phophates in many detergents can cause problems,
especially with diesels.  I have a friend that used some real tough
detergent to wash out the cooling systems on several tractors.  He was
trying to save a few bucks on cooling system flush.  Anyway, the stuff
doesn't rinse out completely and he ended up with wasted water pumps and
even a complete overhaul on one due to pin-hole corrosion!  You might
want to play it safe and use a phosphate-free detergent or a commercial
radiator/cooling system flush.


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