[Vwdiesel] Smoke

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Tue Feb 10 03:20:44 EST 2004

> Low injection pressure? 
> 5 year old diesel fuel? ( I did dose it with some fuel conditioner from the 
> Bosch dealer)
> Pump timing?

  Well, most likely it's not low output pressure or it wouldn't open the 
injectors much.  Old fuel could be an issue but temp probably has a 
lot to do with that.  I was given about 250 gallons of old diesel fuel 
this summer and it's the best fuel I've run ever!  :)  Pump timing is 
possible.  Original pump?  With being an 81 it's possible it's a "yellow 
dot" pump and they time way different.  Sinc you're the original owner 
you know if it's the original pump.  If it is and the timing specs are in 
mm, on the orange sticker then it most likely isn't a yellow dot.  If they're 

kind of cryptic then it likely is.  Check the VW part number stamped on 
it.  What are the last three numbers and letter/s?  Also make sure the 
cold start advance knob was clear in and the lever was resting on it's 
stop when you set the timing.  I've seen and done that quite a bit.  :)
  Have you replaced the injectors?  If you haven't then "thar ain't NO 
WAY they're low time injectors!  If they're originals then they're due 
for a change.  Over 150K on a set is usually going to make a noticeable 
change with new ones.  I've tested old injectors that "didn't look bad 
at all."  Then I run a new one and compare and what a difference there 
is in how fine it sprays and the sound!  The knocking you heard also 
sounds like a bad injector.  You might do a little full throttle running 
of it, to "blow out the injectors" and see if that helps but like I said, if 
they're originals, they should just be replaced.

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