[Vwdiesel] Torqueing Fuel Pipes

Encore2 at aol.com Encore2 at aol.com
Tue Feb 10 21:41:53 EST 2004

Hi. I am new to the list. I just reaquired my old 1985 golf diesel which I gave to my parents about 10 years ago. It has about 160 k on the odometer, but I am not sure it works anymore. My dad had the head rebuilt at 80k, and rings were installed. 

It starts in warm weather (last week), but not in cold (this week). Even when it did start in warm weather it put out a great cloud of white smoke until it warmed up. 

I just bought 4 new glow plugs, since none of them felt warm to the touch after the warm up light went out. I notice that the Haynes manual says to torque the fuel pipes when you reinstall them. I have a torque wrench, but its built for sockets, not open end wrenches. How do I torque the fuel pipes afer I put them back on? 


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