[Vwdiesel] re:Torqueing Fuel Pipes

Val Christian val at swamps.roc.ny.us
Wed Feb 11 19:21:11 EST 2004

> I read that its easier to remove and replace the glow plugs if I take the 
> pipes off. Does everyone agree that is the way to do it? Getting to some of those 
> pipe bolts is a bear. I guess everyone just uses a regular open end wrench?
> Thanks.

When I remove glowplugs I generally pull the injector plumbing.  The 
exception is the #4 plug which can be readily accessed.

For taking the tubing off, I usually use a 17mm open end wrench.  Not a 
flare wrench, as for many of the fittings, you're accessing them at 
odd angles.  I did bend a cheap 17mm wrench once to make easier access
for one or two of the fittings, but a straight 17mm will do them all.

For the glowplugs, I use a 8mm combo wrench, or a 8mm box wrench 
(it's longer and saves knuckles).  Have  a magnetic pickup tool handy
for dropped nuts and washers.

Usually the glowplugs are 12MM, and I like using a box wrench, which 
is longer.  I tap it so that there is some shock or impact.  It has
happened that I've left part of a glowplug in the block until the
sylinder head eventually came off for rebuilding.  (Here, three 
glowplugs will start the car in 0F WX, but two will not.)

I'll leave the fittings on the injectors loose for a few cranks, to
help bleed the system of air.  You may wish to have spare return hose
on hand, as it get's old, and usually breaks after being fiddled with
when it's brittle.  

Torquing the fittings should be done carefully.  Remember that fittings
and tubing are soft, and you don't want to malform any fittings or 
fitting threads.

Neverseize on the glowplug threads.  Not on fuel parts.

Have fun,


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