[Vwdiesel] re: Torqueing Fuel Pipes

Encore2 at aol.com Encore2 at aol.com
Thu Feb 12 21:31:11 EST 2004

Thanks to all who offered advice. 

I got the pipes off and glow plugs out. Put in 4 new ones and she fired right up after I bled the fuel lines a bit before tightening them down. Whole job only took a few hours, and part of that was mostly worrying about it instead of just doing it.


By the way I found the easiest way to get the nuts back on the two glow plugs behind the injector pump was to put the nuts in the tip of an extensible magnet I have. That held it there until I could tighten it up with two fingers on one hand. Geeze, they must have small hands in Germany.

Thanks again.

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