[Vwdiesel] brakes .. end of the road, motor for sale

dave kysard55 at suscom.net
Mon Feb 16 17:18:05 EST 2004

The car is in York PA.  I may try and fix this based on some advice from
the group.  My mechanic is saying it would cost too much in labor so I
may try to fix it if I can find the right line/fittings.

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I don't want it...already have a rusty Jetta, LOL, but it might help to
us where you
are located.
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> All,
> I've got a leak on the brake line at the near the rear left wheel.
> There is a valve with 4 lines running to it then a couple other
> connectors on a spring with a bracket.  This is an 85 NA Diesel Jetta
> and the lines and valve are extremely corroded.  I would imagine the
> only way to repair this would be to cut all 4 lines,  replace the
> and then splice with compression fittings?  This looks expensive and
> time consuming. The body is rusting away and the front suspension
> rebuilt.
> I am going to offer the engine for $500 if there is interest.  It is a
> Jack Ewald rebuild from dieselparts.com,  the injection pump is
> It has only 25k miles and runs great (test drive/compression check to
> demonstrate.)  Gets 45 mpg,  I love the car but am just too busy to
> working on the chassis.
> Dave
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