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>    Slightly off topic, but my son bought a 2000 Ford 250 with the 7.3L
> diesel in it. Starts and runs great when warm, but when the outside temp
> down below 45F (7.22C) it won't start. Put in new glow plugs, no joy. It's
> definitely getting power to the glowplugs. Spraying ether in the air
> doesn't help either -- which seems really weird to both of us. What it
does then
> is fire very briefly, then nothing and you can crank until the two
batterys are
> dead and it won't fire again. However, if you spray ether, crank, it fires
> stops, so immediately turn off the key, then crank again it will fire
>    I've never seen a diesel that wouldn't run on ether before, which makes
> think that there's something in the electronic fuel injection system that
> perhaps closing an air intake at low temps???? That's the only thing I can
> figure that would stop it from running on ether.
>    No, we don't have a shop manual. At this point, he just wants to get it
> starting right and sell it -- too damn big and hard to drive, very hard to
> work on because it's so tall. Anyone know of any *good* Ford diesel lists?
> googled for this but get zillions of hits and none of the forums I've
found so
> far seem much good.
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