[Vwdiesel] Ford diesel hard starting

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Thu Feb 19 19:01:51 EST 2004

At 05:09 PM 2/19/04 -0600, you wrote:
>   Seems like the problem was only the batteries -- or actually just a corroded
>terminal on one. While it seemed to crank okay (has two batteries), the voltage
>was actually going down to 9.6V after the glowplug draw and cranking. The
>computer on this thing cuts out at 10V. So no fuel. 
>   Wonderful technology, eh? Does anyone know if the VW TDI has this same

The 1.6L (1980-1992) indirect injection engine will run just fine without
electricity if the stop solenoid is removed and its plunger extracted (the
top part must be replaced  to "plug the hole") in this state, an IDI volks
could be started by towing, no battery at all 

(Or a long run down hill in 4th gear, how I started my old mercedes 200D in
cold weather) 

The TDI's unfortunately must grovel and submit to their computers.

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