[Vwdiesel] Starting fluids -- ( A warning in order )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Feb 20 11:44:05 EST 2004

If you want to put your Rabbit to sleep ------ use lots of 

This is for the first owners and total beginners on diesels.
Forget about using starting spraycans , you are likely to
damage the VW engine. It is too lightly built to withstand
the " fuel knock" created by ether.
Tempting ???  yes indeed and I carry one at all time.

As you get more experience you get to a stage where you will
be able to use ether on a VW safely  ------but by then you won't
be needing it.        
What can you do in place of ether ,  to get going ???.  LOTS.


PS:   My advise is to NEVER use starting fluid on your VW.

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