[Vwdiesel] Possible starter problem

bobs at chemdec.natsci.csulb.edu bobs at chemdec.natsci.csulb.edu
Wed Feb 25 14:37:59 EST 2004

I have noticed an occasional noise from my 1.6 NA that occurs only when I
stop cranking the engine as it starts.  The sound is very brief, lasting
no more than one second.  It occurs more often when the engine is cold. 
Sounds a little like a bearing.  I'm thinking it may be a warning of an
impending failure of the starter since the sound seems to come from that
area.  Maybe it isn't releasing from the flywheel???  Any ideas as to
something else that it might be?  I've not worked on a starter, so before
I dig into it I'd like to get some tips from you guys as to what is the
best way to tackle this.  Are there some common problems that are known to
occur with the Bosch starters on the 1.6's that can be fixed without
replacing the entire unit?  Anything I should do now to head off a


Bob Soukup
1980 RabbitTruck D

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