[Vwdiesel] Re: Blotter testing --- of lube oils ( using printer paper )

William A. Thompson twogreek at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 28 19:51:30 EST 2004

H.Hagar <h_hagar at ...> writes:
> Why --  do we help each other ????
> Be danged if I know ---   but it makes sense.

Yes you do know Hagar... it is for and because of people like me and a few others who know ... that venerable knowledge often is not recognized until after
the knowledge is gained ... that some fools go unrecognized ...until they speak before they think ... and prove the fools that they are ... by discounting the knowledge being passed on.I know you have persevered against greater odds before ... and still pressed on.

Have you ever noticed how it seems "old timers" sometimes jealously husband their knowledge and only pass it on to the appreciating, deserving few? Perhaps
the cause is often from things like Thorntons' attack and similar flames from "younger and truly less knowledgeable pups" ... who take sage advice out of
context and are to quick to be contentious.
It is interesting to note that Christopher J. Thornton is an "AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants Dealer #1098500". I suppose we can't blame him to much for making the pitch (pitching the fit?) that he did. When corporate interests are at stake ... it is almost funny ... the things that people say, believe and bow to in an advertisement ... especially when represented as "scientific". ... but I digress often enough as it is.

I come to this forum specifically to hear what the "oldskool" hillbillys have to say. Without their ingenious methods of using their understanding to "make do" with what is at hand we would never have progressed to the "new school" ways and technology.

For field use the "blotter test" is a valid eyeball yardstick ... the military still uses it. For the sake of a quick and dirty evaluation it suffices for normal everyday use. That is the stuff I want to see ... methods by which I can use what is at hand ... to do for myself ... before paying someone else to ... let alone the task of finding competence in a paid mechanic (or STEALOR(SHIP) who is going to CARE for my car.

To all the old timers ... including you, the venerable Hagar ... you are appreciated. You have forgotten more than I know ... and I know less than I need.
Some of us keep quiet for fear of missing something you might say ... some don't keep quiet and prove their foolishness.
Some of us do value considered observations of the experienced and practiced mind.
I appreciate your risk of insult and wasting time by trying to teach us.
Besides ... it tickles me to know you enjoy voicing your observations .. and hearing ours.
Press on Sir ... Press on.

Bill Thompson
Clear Lake, Wa.

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