[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 41. --- ( A backwards glance )

Hayden Chasteen dieseltdi at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 29 20:20:39 EST 2004

Hagar, does 46 qualify me as a GEEZER yet?  Most of my students at the 
Community College where I teach certainly think so.  One thing about 
this list, I have learned a lot and passed a bit of knowlege on.  Most 
importantly, I have learned that there are VW diesel maniacs all over 
the US, Canada and various other parts of the civilized world.  I have 
conversed with, and been in contact with folks I never would have met 
if not for this list and other diesel lists that I haunt. We bicker 
sometimes, and name calling certainly happens on much too regular a 
basis.  Unfortunately, I think that this now becoming the nature of the 
US psyche - many people have come to believe that there is only one way 
to think and act and that ANY other opinions or actions are simply not 
acceptable or correct.  I don't know how many times I have tried to 
convince a student of some point only to have them say something like:  
"Well that certainly seems to make sense but according to what I heard 
on the 'XXXXXX' Talk Radio show...." or " I simply cannot believe that 
because I read on the internet that....." or "Well according to someone 
from (pick a political party) that is simply not right".   Oh well, now 
for the necessary diesel content, I will be replacing the struts, strut 
bearings and the springs (using a set from an
A3 Jetta) on the Caddy.  I will let you all know how it handles 
afterwards.  Hayden

On Sunday, February 29, 2004, at 01:54 PM, H.Hagar wrote:

> Who are the old GEEZERS here ?    the way I remember  Sandy Cameron is 
> one
> I am one  and who else ? does anyone know ?.
> I will gladly trade places with one of you young whippersnappers 
> ------- right NOW.
> With experience comes knowledge add a big measure of information and 
> time.
> Eureka  before you know it ----- WISDOM
> In the distant past we had a few clashes of personalities and the 
> owner Dan Simoes
> was worried it would get out of hand.  -- Seems like things worked out 
> ok.
> For the whippersnappers --- a piece of advice - do not hide your 
> candle under a bushel.
> so you are wrong ? so what ?   we will all learn. NO questions are too 
> stupid if only
> asked one time.
> This forum just happen to be american , but help is universal so speak 
> up .I for one
> check every day , hoping a new and intriguing thing comes to the fore.
> I have been here for a very short time --but did I learn a lot ??? 
> --bet your sweet ass.
> here is my first thread :  Will     1.5  liter pump work ok on 1.6 
> liter engine ?    Thanks
> that was 29 Dec 2002.      the pump was leaking so bad I had to remove 
> "OUT" banjo
> top up with fuel and jump in and start. ------doing that in December ? 
> in the dark wind
> and rain blowing like crazy.Every stop ? ---yes but it worked.
> I live in the sticks , and without help from this forum I would have 
> been in serious
> need of a set of wheels.
> Here was the rescue :  Within a few hours of asking , Gary Orlando 
> sent me a PM
> saying yes. ---- The 1982 1.6L NA is still using the 1.5L pump --- 
> works like a dream.
> There is a case where timing according to the book --- does not work 
> as well as
> "Hillbilly" timing.
> Blast from the past :   someone said.
> ... it sure is a far piece man has come ... to be able to share 
> experie=
> nces with each other from far corners of the world.
> .
> I come to this forum specifically to hear what the "oldskool" 
> hillbillys have to say.
> With their ingenious methods of using their understanding to "make do"
> That is the stuff I want to see ... methods by which I can use what is 
> at hand
> to do for myself ... before paying someone else to .
> I agree with the above sentiment.
> So looking back what was the biggest worry ?    Doing something wrong 
> on injection system
> that would require expensive outside help --- at the time I was an IRS 
> casualty --no cash on hand.
> Using this forum everything turned out to be a piece of cake.  So 
> there you go jump right in
> and soon you will be driving with a grin from ear to ear.
>  PS:   Thank you Billy Gates  --  for windows.   and the spell checker.
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